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Lengha Style sarees (NEW)

Posted date: 20-Sep-2023

Lehenga Styles A lehenga or ghagra differes from others due to its style. There are many lehenga styles that can be selected by different women based on their own body type. Straight Cut Lehngas The lehnga has no curves and is cut in straight lines. It can be related to the design of a column dress in a narrow shape which flows straight down to the hem. This lehnga style looks best on lean figures, both short and tall. Sometimes pleats or gatherings are included for the ease of wearer's movements. Fish Cut Lehengas The mermaid dress style of lehnga clings to the body from the waistline to the knee and then expands outwards giving a flaring effect. The lehnga can be given any shape- round, trumpet or flamenco. The lenghas in fish cut may or may not have fishtails This style best suits the slim and trim body types. A-line Lehengas The A-line lehenga fits around the bodice and flows out to the ground just like the letter "A". Fabrics like silk, satin or organza is preferred while making this type of Lehengas. It suits almost all the body types except for women who do not have a defined waistline. Designer Lehenga Circular Lehengas These are the traditional wedding lehengas and give a perfect formal look. They have a very large circumference at the hemline. A number of fabrics like satin or chiffon can be used to make it. These lehengas give the impression of a fairy tale wedding and as they are made with a good amount of fabric, they are ideal for slender or pear-shaped figures. Kali Ghagras This typical Rajasthani lehnga style includes panels or 'kalis'prepared from two or more types of fabrics. These kalis are then attached with each other length to length in order to make a lehenga with a good flair. The basics of cutting and sewing such lehengas remain similar to that of a petticoat. The difference lies in the choice of decorative fabric and other embellishments like zari work, mirror work, embroidery etc.

Do the sarees come with blouse pieces?

Posted date: 20-Sep-2023

yes,  all sarees come with a blouse piece.
Where the blouse piece is?
 at the start (called "running blouse" or after the pallu. It is the extra length on the saree ,as you drape the saree , you will notice the longer saree.

blouse is exact as picture, but it will be unstitched and you will have to tailor it according to your size

Bridal Lengha

Posted date: 29-Aug-2023

On the wedding day, the Indian bride wants to look best when all eyes are set on her. The bridal dress is bought with a lot of care. For a bride, her bridal dress is her topmost priority. Convenient to wear, easy to manage even if it is very heavy, colour, craft and custom made are some of the plus points that go in favour of this beautiful and gorgeous attire-it is a must in a bride's wardrobe. Infact, more than just a gorgeous outfit, the Indian bridal wear holds a lot of emphasis in the Indian tradition, as there is no greater event in an Indian family than a wedding.

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Posted date: 22-Aug-2023

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Lehengas / Lengha

Posted date: 21-Aug-2023
  • Lehenga is the traditional dress of Indian women mostly worn in North India. It consists of a long skirt type outfit which is worn below waistline; a choli or blouse for upper body; and a dupatta. It is one of the major bridal wear of India and Pakistan. The lehnga, also called ghagra, is made in many styles. The choli can also be of varied lengths and designs. When the choli is long enough to cover the upper portion of lehnga, it is termed as kurti. Duppatta is taken in various styles with lehnga- it may or may not cover the head of the wearer.

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Designer suits and salwars

Posted date: 21-Aug-2023

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What is a Saree?

Posted date: 12-May-2023

A saree is an unstitched strip of cloth whose approximate length is between 4 to 9 meters and width is about 1.2 meters. However, a saree can be made long or short, wide or narrow according to the wearer's body measurement and the style of wearing. Although there are different ways of draping sari, traditionally, it is wrapped around the waist holding one end then draped over the shoulder baring the midriff. Most of the portion of saree is pleated at the waist and then wound round to make a skirt or pair of trousers, with the remaining few yards swept across the upper half of the body, covering at least one shoulder and sometimes veiling the head. It is usually worn over a petticoat. A saree blouse, often matching with saree, is worn on upper body which usually has short sleeves and low neck designs.

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